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Migraine in Primary Care Advisors

mission statement

MIPCA is an independent charity working through research and education to set standards for the care of headache sufferers. MIPCA is a group of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the improvement of headache management in primary care.

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Enquiries to:
Ms Rebecca Salt,
Merrow Park Surgery,
Kingfisher Drive,
Merrow, Guildford
Tel. 01483 450755
Fax. 01483 456740
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New MIPCA online learning system launched

MIPCA is pleased to make available revised versions of its headache educational modules. We now have eight modules, which have been updated to include the latest medical research and better tailored to the needs of GPs and other professionals working in primary care. Click on the ‘Learn’ tab above to find out more about the learnng modules available.

April 2013

Note for users of MIPCA Learn prior to 2013

The entire MIPCA Learn service has been replaced in 2013. Users with an account in the previous MIPCA Learn system will need to create a new account and therefore previous attainment cannot be carried over to the 2013 system. Our apologies to those inconvenienced by the changes.


April 2013