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Migraine in Primary Care Advisors

MIPCA Projects

Setting Up A Headache Clinic

This project has developed strategies for the creation of specialist headache clinics in primary care. For the successful management of headaches (chronic and acute), a partnership needs to be developed between the GP and the specialist physician. A new form of intermediate specialist care is now in development in the UK (and is encouraged by the new GP contract), the General Practitioner with Special Interest (GPwSI) service. GPs are encouraged to develop specialist services in certain disease areas and run their own clinics based in individual PCTs. The GP who is a member of MIPCA and has experience in headache management forms the ideal candidate to become a GPwSI in headache. MIPCA has worked with the Royal College of General Practitioners to develop a framework document for the GPwSI in headache service:

MIPCA, in concert with the lobbying group Headache UK has developed a framework for UK headache services:



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