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Food intolerance study

This prospective audit investigated whether migraine patients identified in primary care clinical practice exhibited food intolerances measured as elevated IgG levels to specific foods. The audit also investigated the effect of withdrawing foods associated with high IgG levels on the patients’ migraine attacks over a 2-month period.

Patients took a blood sample and returned it to YORKTest Laboratories Ltd (YTL) for analysis of food-specific IgG in the serum of the blood samples. Patients could change their diets to eliminate specific foods identified as possibly causing intolerance and follow-up questionnaires were sent to patients after 1 and 2 months to monitor their progress.

The main study endpoints were the identification of the foods the patients were intolerant to, the proportion of patients who altered their diet due to their food intolerances and the benefits they reported from this action.

This study is now complete and a manuscript has been submitted to Headache Care. The audit was organised in conjunction with, and partly sponsored by, YTL.